Senior Standouts

As the Class of 2019 lives out their final days at Columbus High, they had the chance to vote for their classmates that they will remember most based on their personality traits. If you were chosen for more than one award; the award was given to the person in second place. On behalf of the newspaper team, we wish you all luck on your next chapter of life! Here are the 2019 Senior Standouts picked by the 2019 senior class:

Best Actor (Boy): Gabe Moseman

Best Actor (Girl): Reagan Gausman

Funniest Sense of Humor (Boy): Jordan Theilen

Funniest Sense of Humor (Girl): Sierra Guilliatt

Most Artistic (Boy): Joseph Campbell

Most Artistic (Girl): Lexi Paczosa-Hall

Most Sarcastic (Boy): Camdyn Iwan

Most Sarcastic (Girl): Brookelyn Adams-Tuls, Harper Marshall, Autumn Tindall

Best Musician (Boy): Jovinci Villeda

Best Musician (Girl): Norah Renner

Best Singer (Boy): Fernando Ortiz

Best Singer (Girl): Megan Brewer

Most Gullible (Boy): Carson Zwingman

Most Gullible (Girl): Molly Andreasen

Most Often Late (Boy): Luis “Kacho” Carmona

Most Often Late (Girl): Britney De Leon

Worst Driver (Boy): Eddie Loredo

Worst Driver (Girl): Jenna Lawrence

Most School Spirit (Boy): Shane Hess

Most School Spirit (Girl): Anna Mauer

Class Clown (Boy): Caleb Hoadley

Class Clown (Girl): Cindy Sanchez

Most Likely to Owe You Money (Boy): Aedon Eckart

Most Likely to Owe You Money (Girl): Macy Bubak

Best Role Model (Boy): Jayden Boesch

Best Role Model (Girl): Liz Blaser

Biggest Muscles (Boy): Antonio Soto

Biggest Muscles (Girl): Stefani Padilla

Most Intelligent (Boy): Lucas Miller

Most Intelligent (Girl): Paige Jeffryes

Biggest Procrastinator (Boy): Curtis Briggs

Biggest Procrastinator (Girl): Michaela Graham

Biggest Change Since Freshman Year (Boy): Kevin Gomez

Biggest Change Since Freshman Year (Girl): Rachel Troutman

Best Athlete (Boy): Avery McMeekin

Best Athlete (Girl): Aspen Luebbe

Best Dressed (Boy): Jack Higginbotham

Best Dressed (Girl): Araceley Manzano

Best Dancer (Boy): Carter Kucera

Best Dancer (Girl): Katie Anderson

Most Likely to Stay Friends After High School (Boy): Cade Fullner and Avery McMeekin

Most Likely to Stay Friends After High School (Girl): Brooke, Emma, and Lauren Benck

Most Likely to Join the Peace Corps (Boy): Brett Baker

Most Likely to Join the Peace Corps (Girl): Kaylyn Beyer

Best Smile (Boy): Cade Fullner

Best Smile (Girl): Morgan Putnam

Most Likely to Cheer You Up (Boy): Garrett Ragonese

Most Likely to Cheer You Up (Girl): Sarah Micek

I have been in newspaper for the past two years. I am also in National Honor Society, Circle of Friends, Future Business Leaders of America, and I am one of the managers for the volleyball team. I Iove everything fall from fuzzy socks to Pumpkin Spice Lattes. My top two bucket list items are to travel to all the top tourist attractions around the world, and I would also love to skydive sometime in my life!

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