Skills USA Competition

Columbus High School’s Skills USA team competed in Grand Island on Saturday, April 13. The team consisting of Logan Garbers, Kaden Hughes, and Pedro Zayas Vargas finished third in the Automated Manufacturing field. The team consisting of Shaun Clemens and Aiden Cromwell won the 2019 State Mechatronics division taking them to nationals. Nationals is held June 24-28 2019. Skills USA has been practicing for several months, meeting every Wednesday after school. Skills USA is open to all students with an interest in the STEM and mechanics field.  

Shaun Clemens, Senior

Aiden Cromwell, Senior (Video Above)

How long have you been participating?

Shaun: Just joined this year.

Describe what the competition was like.

Shaun: Slow, but easy.

What was your role?

Shaun: Did what they asked, test what was built, built two things for troubleshooting.

What did you build for troubleshooting?

Nomatic and electrical nomatic parts.

How did you prepare for this event?

Shaun: Every wednesday after school we went to the lab and practiced buliding. We were given two troubleshooting activities, mostly speed building.  

What are the trouble shooting problems?

Shaun: We were given a problem, something wrong with the machine, and we were challenged to fix the problem without taking anything apart

What rank did you receive?

Shaun: We won.

Have you received any rank like this prior to this one?

Shaun: No.

Based on your achievements, what does this mean will happen from now on?

Shaun: No change.  

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