Us Movie Review

Once Upon a Time….

There was a girl and her unfortunate shadow. She loved to go to the movies, except, her movie theater was ominous and dark. It was so decayed and uncared for that it reminded her of the stories she would hear about her horrible birth at that scary hospital. While the shadow’s movie theater was so gloomy, the girl’s movie theater was great in size and appearance. It had great seating and delicious popcorn to enjoy.

While the girl was enjoying her great life, her shadow was eating live dirty worms from the ground. The girl felt like she was the luckiest little girl in the village. In all, she did have the best of the best in all the land.

The shadow, on the other hand, felt like there was something missing in her life, and she knew that there was something wrong with the dark world she lived in. Therefore, the sad little shadow decided to give the little girl a visit so she could see what her happiness was all about.

The little girl then felt like there was something she had to see. She knew.

When the night was dark and cold the shadow left her sad world and met the little girl face to face.

This short story is one of the many thrilling pieces of the movie Us, which was released on March 22, 2019, and was directed by Jordan Peele.

This story takes place at a beachfront home where a little girl grew up as a child. It is a thrilling story about her experience as a child when she met the less fortunate version of herself. She grows up fearing that she will have to go through this detrimental experience again and has two kids. She ends up realizing that the signs she felt and feared for were a very cruel reality. When she notices she must leave and escape from danger, it is too late to stop the new family of four in her driveway.

Even though this movie is no longer in theaters, it leaves great wonder in one’s mind. It leaves one wondering if something like this could actually happen in real life.

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