First Ever Spanish Competition Held at CHS

The first spanish competition, held at Columbus High School, took place on April 3 2019. After the Language Fair at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was cancelled, Mrs.Velasco decided to take on the tradition and hold it in CHS. Students from spanish four and five competed in five different events: art, poetry, dance, music, and drama.

The events were split up for native speakers to give others a better chance. Therefore, if the event had level two it meant that the event is for those just learning spanish; HS before the event meant that it was for native speakers only.

Various schools attended from all over Nebraska. Some of these are: Syracuse High, Cornerstone Christian, David City High School, York High School, Platteview High School, Norris High, and Wilber Clatonia High School.

Maria Espino placed first in art HS, and Wendy Castillo placed second. In poetry level two in second place Neleigh Slusarski, and in third Lexi Jeffryes. Placing in poetry level HS with first place Samantha Martinez, in second place Yasmin Basulto, and finally in third Alexis Martinez.

In dance level two in first place Merengue by Cole Asche, Emma Benck, Shaylin Fix, Carter Kucera, Anthony Eleazar Oceguera, and Alyssa Turner. In dance HS with first place Mambo by Britney De Leon, Maria Espino, and Stefani Padilla with music played by Zoe Crumb, Cassidy Wemhoff, Norah Renner, Colton Blake, Megan Lovci, Emmily Robak, Mason Tworek, Jackson Peabody, Jake Hyde, Laveah Kray, Cole Asche, Jenna Lawrence, Ryan Sims, Justin Sands, and Maddie Zaura.

In drama level two in first place El Pavo by Brook Benck, Lauren Benck, Sarah Micek, Chandler Rotherham, and Maison Wemhoff. Placing first in drama HS La Boda by Britney de leon, Samantha Martinez, Maria Espino, and Stefani Padilla. In music level two in first place Meghan Wolfe and in music HS Sofia Gomez.

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