The Details of District Music Contest

On April 12-13, students traveled to Central Community College, located in Columbus, to compete in the 2019 District Music Contest. These participants came from various schools such as, Lakeview, Aquinas, Scotus, Shelby, Osceola, David City, Columbus High, to name a few.

“The whole college was basically taken over. Some rooms were used for quartets and trios to sing in, and the lobbies were really full with different students from many different schools”, states CHS senior Fernando Ortiz.

Group performances took place on Friday, while the soloists did not perform until Saturday morning. Over the weekend, the CCC campus was relieved of its typical duties and posed as the home for this musical event. Students were able to broadcast their talents as well as watch peers and students from various schools perform.

“I was a little nervous, but overall it was really fun and I gave it my best”, states Ortiz.

The CHS choir received many favorable ranks, of which, ranging from superior, outstanding, excellent, good, to fair.

Performing at CCC was a shift in atmosphere for many students and brought out the best in some routines. Perhaps it was the judges who intently watched the students perform, or maybe it was the very facility in which this event took place. However, the fact stands that most students were on their best behavior during the event which was reflected in their scores.

“All of them went really well actually, whenever we practice them, like in the percussion room, we always mess around and everything but, out in the concert hall we did really well,” says CHS Junior Cole Asche.

The ranks received by the CHS choir ensembles and soloists are as follows:

Superior with Distinction

Neptune's Angels


Concert Choir

New World Singers

Quartet B (Percy Earle, Natalie Jarecke, Logan Albers, Dawson Wurdeman)

Quartet C (Brooke Benck, Lauren Benck, Caitlin Hottovy, Lydia Johnson)

Trio (Regan Debower, McKenzie Kallweit, Alexis Haynes)

Liam Barcel

Alex Brandenburg

Monse Huitron

Natalie Jarecke

Karissa Gleeson


Baker’s Dozen

Quartet A (Alexis Haynes, McKenzie Kallweit, Gage Schmidt, Alex Brandenburg)

Duet (Paola Bautista and Mason Dahlke)

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