Appreciating Goldfishes

From dogs, to cats, to birds, to bunnies, these are just a few of the well-known pets in society. They are loveable, cuddly, and fun to be around with. They bring joy toward their fellow humans and bring positiveness everywhere. These pets are the most popular animals to own in the world.

But what about the goldfish? Do they not get enough recognition for being a popular pet as well? Are they not considered a popular pet?

Over the years, goldfishes have been becoming underrated with all the “hype” about puppies and kitties. You can rarely hear someone say, “I want a goldfish!”. These average fishes have become dull and well… basic. They are all considered the SAME species. They have become the forgotten.  

These majestic fishes are more valuable than they appear. Goldfishes memories last three to five months then three seconds. Their brains are worthy then what we all expected them to be.

Their average lifespan could be 5-10 years. These goldfishes can have a good long life but if everyone cares for them. The longest goldfish was recorded to live for 40 years (That is one old fish. No offense).

Owning a goldfish does not carry a lot of responsibility as a dog or a cat need. What a person needs to care for is the feeding and making sure the water is clean. It is as simple as it gets with fishes.  

In the end, goldfishes are more than just a regular plain fish. They may not be loud, furry, or energetic to be around with but these fishes deserve love and adoration from the world. Goldfishes just want to be the center of attention for a change. So, let’s take the time to think about how incredible the goldfish is and all the wonderful qualities it has.  

Remember, they are pets too.

I am a 4'10 feet tall Junior who loves sleeping and pineapples. This is my second year doing Newspaper for CHS. I enjoy watching Netflix, listening to music, and taking naps.  

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