The Impact of Video Games

People think kids are violent or that they don’t pay much attention to anything because of video games. But are they right? Are video games a bad influence on children?
Kids have behaved aggressively before video games. Aggression is a typical response in kids currently because of the things that they were raised around including a violent household. Maybe with brother and sisters who always fight. Or if there are a lot of fights in school. But video games, seem to be said to have a big impact on how kids act. 
According to the website on April 24, 2014, in America, 81% of kids play video games at least once a month. Out of those kids, 8.5% of them are addicted to the games. The average 8 to 12 year-old now plays 13 hours of video games per week. While the average 13 to 18 year old plays 14 hours of video games per week. 
But saying all kids who play any video games are encouraged to commit violence, is false. Video games can actually help some children.
For example, some autistic kids playing video games can improve their social skills. The games can help their social skills by having them communicate with the other kids that they are playing with.
Games can also help them learn to fix their mistakes instead of stressing over them. For example, when a kid messes up in a game, like building in minecraft, they learn to go back and fix their mistake instead of getting upset and throwing a tantrum. 
Lastly, they can help with the childrens flexibility and help them become acceptable to change in their life. Say they play a game with levels, as the game progresses, those levels get harder or different. The kid will be susceptible to the change and it could help them be more susceptible to change in life. Although, some video games that include violence could be bad for autistic kids due to their susceptibility to suggestion, the opportunity to play video games can be beneficial. 
There are many positive, non-aggressive video games available in today’s society. For example; Minecraft, Tetris, Sonic, and Animal Crossing. Those are only few of the games that have little or no violence in them. They're good for children's creativity, mind, and just fun. 
So in the end, there are a few downsides to video games. But, video games can also be very beneficial.

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