Is rock music dead or not?

This question is one that bin ask during th 2000 and  from rock fans and other people I am going to solve this question for the people who wants to know if rock music is still out there or is it dead.

First thing is the most type of rock music people think is dead is like heavy metal or heavy rock basically the more heavy stuff and the type rock is not dead for sure is alternative rock like the bands Panic At The Disco,Twenty One pilots now these rock band and the genre of rock that that they play is more popular But i'm here to solve is more of the heavy rock is dead.

Now I am going to tell if it and honestly it's not that dead and what I seen while researching it is that it not as listed as much but still go to the tours of these band like five finger death punch and mataclica ,and disturb and they still make music to it just there more people out that listen to more country and rap but i ask couple of people who listen to other genres and dome them said they actually still listen to rock they just don't play its like that.

Wel my response to this question is that it's not dead it's still living it's just that right the most popular music right now is country and rap,and if you watch the voice there some people who also play some rock it might be older heavy rock but that is still rock and people still listen to it.

That is my conclusion for the question is rock dead or not and it's currently not dead.

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