My Current Favorite Songs

  1. “Hostage” by Billie Eilish - Yes, this song is very sad, however, it’s one of the most beautiful and sensitive songs I have heard. Billie just sounds so raw and authentic in this song, definitely recommend if your in your feelings at 3 a.m.

  2. “Nights Like This” by Kehlani - This is the perfect song to play while driving with your windows down on a humid summer night. The beat is smooth and just makes you want to move. Kehlani’s voice is perfect for this song. Once you play this song you’ll have it on repeat, trust me.

  3. “Talk” by Khalid - This song screams summer. It’s so upbeat and catchy, it will instantly put you in a good mood.

  4. “Somebody Else” by The 1975 - The beat to this song is so upbeat and makes you want to dance, however, if you listen to the lyrics the song is actually very emotional and deep.

  5. “Caretaker” by DRAM feat. SZA - I cannot get over how beautiful this song is. It is so mellow and chill. These 2 artists’ voices go so well together.

  6. “Karma” by Summer Walker - This song is perfect to play after a break up or when your out with your girls and feeling yourself. This song really makes you feel some type of way.

  7. “Crush” by Souly Had - Listening to this song instantly makes you want to move. This song always puts me in a good mood, the lyrics and beat are so catchy. This song has definitely been my favorite for quite some time now.

  8. “Electric” by Alina Baraz feat. Khalid - This song is so smooth and has a great flow. Alina’s voice is so beautiful and matches this song perfectly, however, Khalid’s part always gets me, his voice sounds incredible in this song.

  9. “Unbothered” by Omar Apollo - This song is so mellow and has an amazing vibe to it. Omar’s voice is so relaxing to listen to and the instrumentals in this song are amazing.

  10. "Salt (NLMG)" by Ben Hon - This song is super catchy and perfect to play when your just hanging with friends or driving.


My name is Alondra Castillo. It is my third year on the CHS Anchor News team and my last year of high school! I enjoy reading, writing, hanging out with friends, and of course, watching netflix. I look forward to writing articles for you to read! Wear your maroon proudly, and as always, go discoverers! 

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