How Accurate Are Standardized Tests?

Getting rid of the ACT or SAT has been thought of in California. They want to get rid of these standardized tests and have colleges look at other things such as grades and attendance. This was prominently noticed when celebrities and other wealthy people allegedly bought their way into really popular colleges that are hard to get into. It is a highly arguable subject relating to how this will be beneficial.

The people who are for getting rid of the tests say it is not an accurate way of measuring the intelligence of students. Taking a test in a limited amount of time puts pressure on students, and they might not be accurate because the student is focused more on the time portion rather than the actual test. Grades allow schools to see how hard the students are working, and attendance shows how much they care to attend and even what activities they leave school for.

As colleges are starting to not require SAT and ACT scores, people still argue it should stay in place. They say it helps obtain scholarships for those who score highly. Others say the public should not focus on this just because it became a huge scandal.

For more information on the two viewpoints, go to this website.

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