Is gaming dangerous or not?

The reason is that i'm asking this question is that some people say that gaming can change a person attitude and could cause them to become more violent and could cause to do shootings and stuff like that i am here to give you my opinion about this hole thing.

Now what i think about how videogames can cause kids get violent and what I think is that its a bunch of baloney and why I say that is I am a gamer myself I play sense I was 2 I played gta at the age of 4 and it never made me very violent video games always made me calm down like I would get mad at the game sometimes but it also help me relieve stress especially like a game called dark souls and it really hard but it help me relieve stress and get some of that anger out.

That what I think about that gaming make you violent I think not from my xsprence you got all these people and scientist who never play video games say they make you violent and think they have no right to say because they played video games and there some video games that are out which are made for that its not hard. This is all what think about gaming make you violent.

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