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Chest Binders

 Hello my name is Alex I am a 16 year old Transgender FTM (Female to Male). I recently  purchased a chest binder for the first time.

 The idea of a chest binder is to make transgender males more comfortable about themselves and the way they look. Chest binders are made out of a stretchy fabric in the back of the binder and in the front it has a type of lining that does not stretch and makes it look as if you are flat chested. I believe they work very well and can help boost someone’s confidence if they are transgender.

Pros about chest binders

1.) Chest binders can help boost confidence

2.)They are very comfortable

3.)You can wear chest binders for up to 8-9 hours at a time

4.)Depending where you buy your binder from you can wear them while swimming

5.)They are great quality and you can use them for many years at a time

6.)They are low in price (depending where you buy yours preferably GC2B)

Cons about chest binder

1.)If you wear a binder for more than 8-9 hours they can cause problems with breathing and possible breakage of ribs

2.)If you buy a binder from the wrong site or a site that is not a certified binder site you could risk the binder not working the way it is supposed to (From experience)

3.)You could risk buying the wrong sized binder because sizes are different than normal sizes like shirts and such

4.)Some binders are quite heavy and get hot easily especially black binders, I recommend a tan color or white if you want to stay cooler

5.)Back pain is also a potential risk of wearing a binder (if worn for more than recommended time)

6.)It can cause pain in your rib cage and breasts if it is too small

If you cannot afford a binder DO NOT bind with ace bandages or duct tape for they can cause damage to your body, breathing, ribs and spine.

If you want to buy a binder and you do not know your breast size be sure to be measured so you don’t risk getting the wrong size. Though if you do end up receiving the wrong size binder and it you cannot get it over your shoulders DO NOT WEAR IT!! Again it can cause many problems for your health. Also, never sleep in your binder!

This was not meant to scare you away from buying a binder because I have one myself and it is completely comfortable. I am only telling you that you need to be cautious when wearing your binder and treat yourself well, do not wear it for too long or wear a binder that does not fit well on you!

Again if you cannot afford a binder I recommend doing the sports bra method which is putting a sports bra on the right way then take a second one and wear is backwards, before I got a binder that is what I used and it worked well. c:

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