Animals in Captivity

Zoos in the UK hold tens of thousands of animals captive. Many are suffering in silence, their misery unseen despite the thousands of people who peer in at them everyday. Zoos which exploit animals can never be ethical. Most animals, you would think, do not like being held in captivity just for others enjoyment. 
Today’s society sees animals as creatures used for a person's enjoyment. When, in reality, animals are like us. They have feelings, emotions, and even thoughts. How would you like to be held in a cage and stared at by people you don’t even know? 
The exploitation of wild animals for human gain – whether that be keeping them as pets, exhibiting them in zoos, forcing them to perform in circuses, or experimenting on them in labs – causes damage to those individuals that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Every wild animal deserves to be able to live a life in freedom, with their own kind, and on their own terms.
Take the lions in a zoo for example. Society wonders why they are so mean to us and kill us. But, if you take the time to think about that, they are probably scared of us. We capture them, torture them, kill them, hunt them, and some people even eat them.
A lot of animals most likely do not feel comfortable in zoos and aquariums. There are zoos around the world that treat their animals terribly but don’t get shut down for animal cruelty. That’s cruel and messed up in my opinion. 
On the other hand, some people think animal captivity can be okay or even be a good thing. 
One reason people believe captivity is okay is because places including zoos provide an educational resource. Zoos can teach us a lot about the animals with whom we share this planet. 
Another reason is that some of these places give endangered animals a place to go without the fear of being harmed. In most places like this, the animals get the proper treatment that they need and deserve.
Wild animals belong in the wild — not in the confinement of circuses, zoos, aquaria, backyards, or homes. In captivity, wild animals are not able to perform their natural behaviors and many lash out in frustration from psychological and physical deprivation. This situation is dangerous for animals and humans alike. 
 Although people believe otherwise, I still believe that animal captivity is wrong because you are holding animals that are meant to roam free.

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