Students attend 2019 Nebraska Cultural Unity Conference

The 2019 Nebraska Cultural Unity Conference took place on March 1 where Columbus High School students traveled to Kearney with Mrs. Alarcon and Mrs. Velasco, to learn about the many opportunities that college has to offer.

During this event, students got the opportunity to attend a career fair and see all the interesting classes and clubs the University of Nebraska Kearney has to offer. Students also saw a video of college students talking about their experience and why college was the right choice for them.

After this, there were numerous workshops that students could attend: Relationships 101, Let’s Talk About Race, Student Panel: The College Experience, etc. Following the event, there was a live concert by Rosendo Robles where students got to dance and have some fun.

This event showed students that no matter if you’re a minority in the United States, anything is possible if you set your mind to it. This was shown through numerous students from various countries that were there talking about their experience.

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