National Puppy Day

March 23 has become a very important day for puppies everywhere. Puppy lovers can spend the day obsessing about how cute and adorable their furry friends are! These cuddly animals can help melt away one’s trouble by just one glance of their little precious face.

Let’s take the time to appreciate all the puppies we love by sharing some interesting facts about them:

  1. 1. Puppies are born blind and deaf

  2. 2. The word "puppy" comes from the French word poupeé which means doll or toy

  3. 3. They enjoy taking 15 to 20-hour naps which is for them to help develop the brain, muscles, and immune system

  4. 4. Puppies like being “baby talked” more than dogs

  5. 5. Looking at puppies can help you be more productive (less procrastination)

  6. The song “Dear Theodosia” from the award-winning musical Hamilton is actually about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s puppy

For more intriguing facts about our fellow furry friends, click the link below for more information

There was also a poll about who is the cutest puppy ever!!! See what the results were below

Happy National Puppy Day!!!!

I am a 4'10 feet tall Junior who loves sleeping and pineapples. This is my second year doing Newspaper for CHS. I enjoy watching Netflix, listening to music, and taking naps.  

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