What Is Saint Patrick's Day?

Millions of people around the world will be celebrating March 17 or Saint Patrick’s Day. Even though Saint Patrick’s Day is a pretty well-known holiday, not all people know what it is about.  

So, what is Saint Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick’s Day is considered a cultural and religious celebration. It is often celebrated most in Irish areas like the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, and Ireland. Traditionally, the festivity can be observed by attending a mass or service. The holiday carries the symbol of a shamrock and can be associated with the color green.  

The celebration came to be in honor of Saint Patrick, a Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland from the fifth century. He was born in Roman Britain in the late fourth century. At the age of 16, he was kidnapped to Ireland as a slave but managed to escape a few years later. Saint Patrick then decided to return in 432 A.D. to convert Irish people to Christianity.

Saint Patrick died on March 17, 461 A.D. but left a legacy in Ireland. He established monasteries, churches, and schools. He famously helped people understand the Trinity by comparing it to a shamrock. People say he wore green but, it was the color blue that he wore the most.  

Saint Patrick’s Day can be celebrated with parades, joining céilithe (a Scottish or Irish gathering), or by wearing green attire. Many people eat the iconic corned beef and cabbage, drink Irish beer or whiskey, and many other delectables.  

Many people will be gathering together to celebrate a day of festivities and history. Saint Patrick left a mark on the world and will always be remembered for what he has done for Ireland.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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