A History Project to Help Students

I am going to tell you all about this project and why Mr. Wrabley created this project. First, I will tell you what the project is all about. This project is all about making a history book for 5th graders to learn in  their history class.

Now, i am going to tell you the reasons why Mr. Wrabley decided to have us do this project and the reason he came up with this project.
1. He was once a civics teacher and doesn't have much experience in being a history teacher. So, he wanted to try something unique since he has never taught history. 
2. Mr. Wrabley's reason of creating this project is that it will help him and the kids learn a few things about history .
3 Another reason is that when he got the job, he asked for history books. Due to the fact that they ran out of history books, they only gave him one.

That is what the whole project is about and the reasons why Mr. Wrabley did it. The reason that i know so much about this whole project is because i am in his class right now, and what i can tell you is that the project is actually fun and i do get to learn new things about history.

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