Students show appreciation to their teachers

Here at CHS, we are given an abundance of great staff. The 5th of March is Teacher Appreciation Day and we wanted to show how our student body is grateful for our wonderful teachers and staff.

Here are some nice words some students said about their favorite teachers:

“My favorite teacher is my Anatomy & Physiology teacher, Mrs. Coop. She is alway kind and willing to help out whenever you need it”

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Smith.  She has always been there to help me through tough problems I've come across. She makes me laugh and is always easy to talk to”

“My favorite teacher is Mr. Bethune. He is always very helpful with everything”

"My favorite teacher is Mrs. McDonald. She has an awesome attitude and a great classroom atmosphere and I look forward to her class every day."

"Mrs. Smejkal is very caring and goes out of her way to do anything for her students"

"Mrs. Deschaine is a very nice person. She sets an excellent example for her students and is very understanding"

"Mrs. Shotkoski is possibly the best math teacher I have ever had because she makes learning math so easy and she has made me realize how interesting it can actually be"

"Mr. Haefner is one of the only teachers that will help me in and outside of school with anything I need. He should be in the Best Teacher Hall of Fame"

"Mr. Schroeder is pretty rad!"

“Mrs. Joseph is always there for me and for anyone when we need it”

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Flores because she helps me with everything I need.”

“Mrs. Noonan is an amazing teacher and she has a great teaching skill that most other teachers don’t know how to do and she is just a great person over all”

“Mr. Vancura is a nice and funny teacher”

“Mrs. Christensen goes above and beyond for her students”

We also compiled a video of other students and got their opinions on teachers.

On behalf of all the student body, we just want to give a big “thank you” to all of our CHS staff. This goes for all administrators, counselors, teachers, lunch staff, custodians, and anyone else who contributes to the betterment of us kids.

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