Alexander Hamilton Play

On January 25th, 2018, 75 students and a few teachers of the Greater Johnstown High School went on a special field trip to the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh. On this trip, these participants got a front row experience of the Alexander Hamilton play! According to Mr. Wrabley, Mrs. Vasilko filled out the initial application with the Hamilton Education Program and they accepted their application. When their application was accepted, the program offered 75 student tickets to the musical and other events of the day
In order to go on this field trip, all students enrolled in US History were eligible. But, they had to create a performance-based project on the Founding Era with primary source-based research. From those who completed this, students were chosen. The Gilder-Lehrman Institute teamed up with the Hamilton Education Program to bring this musical to inner-city students across the country at a very affordable price of just $10 per ticket. Hamilton is one of the most sought after and desired musicals in our generation, and it’s a complete game changer for theater and studying US History. 
After interviews with Mr. Wrabley, Elaina Grosik, and Jordyn Lecky, I got some insight about how the play went and how they felt about the entire trip. In the beginning they were very excited to go. While I interviewed them, they all seemed to have enjoyed the play They said it was an educational and extraordinary experience. The interviewees seem to have liked Hamilton since it began, so, this experience just increased their love for Hamilton. 
Their favorite part of the play was just getting to experience such an amazing thing with friends. Mr. Wrabley’s favorite part was when three of our very own Johnstown High School students got to perform an original song on stage!!! Caroline Gress, Jordan Jorinscay, and Morna Haluska got to sing their song in front of 2,700 people and the Hamilton cast, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
In the end, they were all speechless. They were sad the play was over but they were also happy that they were able to experience something so special.

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