What's popular in the gaming communities now?

What is the most popular thing in the gaming community is battle royale mode and it really became popular when fortnite came out and also i am going to tell some games that out now that has and is popular with.

Here's some of the games that have battle  and starting with the cod black ops that just came out and it's called blackout, the second game is pubg player unknown battle ground is what pubg means , the third game is also fortnight i said in the beginning of this article, and the thourth game is the apex legends and these are some of the games that has battle royal mode and are populer

Now i am going to tell you what battle royal games that is popular now and some of them are the ones i said in the beginning.First game is pubg then cod bo4 then also pubg and h1z1 but this is a older one but a lot of people still play it.This new game mode spreading fast to like i said evan cod has it now.

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