Mr. McDonald Wins!!!

Mr. McDonald has won December’s Staff Member of the Month!!!! Mr. McDonald has been teaching at Columbus High School for six years now. Throughout these years, he has been teaching English 10, Theater 1, English 12, and Stage Performance. He has also taught English 9, Composition, Stagecraft, and Speech. Mr. McDonald said in an interview that his favorite part about teaching is being around the kids. Mr. McDonald has been running the Tech Theater Department for plays and musicals throughout his career working at Columbus High School.

Out of all of his students that he has taught, he describes them as unique, hard working people that are fun to be around.  He was asked in an interview what advice he would give to future students that want to become teacher. His main advice was to always be patient with students. “It is easy to be chill” Mr. McDonald said. Whether they are pre-schoolers or high schoolers, in order to teach them best, he says a person must be patient and work with the student until he or she understands.

National Honor Society (NHS) President, Jayden Boesch, and Staff Member of the of Month Chairperson, Lauren Benck, said that Mr. McDonald deserved this award because of how much he cares about each one of his classes and how much effort he puts into them. They also said that he was voted for by NHS members because of his fun classroom atmosphere and encouragement towards the students.

View the video below for some of Mr. McDonald’s greatest memories!

I am a volleyball manager and participate in CHS 101, NHS, and C-Club. This is my first year in newspaper. I love to travel and spend time with my family and friends. My favorite starbucks order is a venti Iced Caramel Macchiato. I hope everyone has a great school year at CHS!

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