Being Positive In 2019

We all said goodbye to 2018 and said hello to 2019. Most of us created goals to make the new year better than last year. Everyone wants to start the year by improving themself in some way or another.

An important goal most people want to improve is their attitude. Why not try to keep this year positive?  It will be a long year, so why not find a way to navigate through those tough days?

I’ve had my fair share of negative vibes and disappointing outcomes. It is hard to be happy on those types of days, but I have learned that having a positive mindset in a negative situation helps. Thinking about the goodness of the situation helps distract from the sad or angry feelings.

Another way to be optimistic in 2019 is placing yourself in a positive environment. Surrounding yourself with dramatic people and bad situations can make you feel down. No one wants to be with people that trigger them. Push those people out of your life and hang out with the ones who want you to be happy.

I don’t know about you, but I am the type of person that likes to do things as quickly as possible. Doing things with haste will only make you feel miserable. Try to take things slow so you don’t have to feel stressed out.

Making yourself do something you do not want to do can make you feel gloomy. No one likes to feel forced or required to make a decision they don’t agree with. Don’t be afraid to voice out how you feel on a situation you dislike. Everyone has the ability to choose what they want to do (just make sure it is the correct choice).

Lastly, to make 2019 fun, learn or do something you enjoy doing. Learn how to cook or read a book you love or finish that quilt you started 8 months ago. Play a sport you enjoy playing, listen to music, or watch a tv show/movie you love.

Even though it may be hard to be positive at times, try to remember the good things instead of the bad things. It is easy to let ourselves down and see the many things that can go wrong, but see the good outcomes instead of disappointment. When days don’t go the way they seem, remind yourself that bad days always come to an end.

I wish you all the happiness and positiveness in 2019!

I am a 4'10 feet tall sophomore who has a deep love for the fruit pineapple. I enjoy learning the piano and taking singing lessons. I also enjoy the season fall and watching Netflix. One day I hope to become an interior designer and to travel to France 

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