Rappers you should know about:

I'm going to tell you at least 3 rappers i think people should know about and i'm going to tell you what style rap artist they are.

First rapper is Denzel Curry: The reason is that i pick this one because he is an basicly a underground rapper and he raps good and bits of his songs got a story in them or stuff about life,and the type of rapper he is:

  • Hip hop

  • trap

  • cloud rap

  • experimental hip hop

  • hardcore hip hop

  • alternative hip hop

Second rapper is Vinnie Paz: The reason i pick this is because he a major lyrical rapper, the songs have major meaningand the type of rapper he is:

  • Hip Hop,

  • underground hip hop,

  • hardcore rap,

  • political hip hop,

  • Horrorcore,

  • conscious hip hop

Third rapper is Tech N9ne: The reason i pick this because he really good speed rapper that can challenge eminem and the type of rapper he is:

  • Hip hop

  • rap rock

These are the three types of rappers that i think should be known to the world because these people are underground or over rated and never given a chance to known throughout the world.

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