Does GPA really matter?

Teachers tell students every day that GPA impacts your life greatly, but is this really true? In my opinion, I think it does, but not all the time.

When enrolling to college, GPA does play a big role, but so do many other activities. If you do well in these activities, it is okay to have a few B’s, but you should still try to maintain good grades.

Your grades can help plan your future; you can use your GPA like a GPS to determine where you are going. The skills you develop while trying to maintain a high GPA will be carried with you in the workplace and/or college. Managing your time and being resourceful are some skills that keeping your GPA up will provide for you. Many people add GPA to work applications, but that doesn’t always help. Most employers don’t even ask for a transcript of your grades, but some skills included in this GPA can be helpful to add in resumes.

Overall, GPA is a very important factor in school settings, but it isn’t the only factor that matters. Colleges want to see how much people have challenged themselves, and how hard they work in other activities. GPA should matter to you, but also other involvement in school should play a big role. In the workplace, however, employers do not really look into grades but do look into the skills developed from school. You should work hard in school, even if you do not know what you are doing afterward. The skills will be important throughout not just the workplace, but life in general.

Hello! My name is Jasmin and I am a senior at CHS. I am a part of Key Club, Circle of Friends, Latino Leadership, and CHS Anchor News. 

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