How to stop procrastination from ending your life

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with homework? Felt like you had enough time to begin with, but then left it for last minute and are now totally hating yourself for it? Well, I sure have!

Procrastination is a big problem for students, especially in high school and college. Students are filled with so many responsibilities outside and inside school that sometimes putting off the assignment seems like the best choice.

Take it from a pro procrastinator that leaving assignments for last minute can lead to a lot of stress and lower quality work. Here are some steps to avoid boarding a one way ticket to procrastination station.

The first step is to stay on top of your classes. Staying on top of your classes is extremely helpful and beneficial. Do your homework on time and review notes a little each day. This can help you learn the information faster and can stop you from cramming it in last minute the day before the test.

Distractions are also a big factor when it comes to procrastination (I'm talking about you, smart phone). About 88% of teens have a phone or have access to a phone. Phones can cause teens to lose a lot of time without them realizing. For example, have you ever tried to do homework with your phone next to you, and then just finding yourself five minutes later on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. This can be stopped by simply turning off your phone and placing it as far from you as possible.

If this is not enough, try downloading the app "forest," which can stop you from using your phone. This app consist of planting a tree. As time goes by, the tree will grow more and more. However, if you were to leave the app the tree will instantly die, (hopefully) making you feel like a terrible person and stop procrastinating on your phone.

Procrastination might seem fine at the moment, but trust me: when you find yourself staying up until 3 am to finish your English essay or to complete an assignment, you will be wishing you started sooner!

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