Tattoos in the Workplace

Tattoos are a very controversial topic in today’s society. Some feel that tattoos are disgraceful and extremely unprofessional. Others use tattoos to express themselves or honor an event that happened in their lives. Many individuals tend to judge those who have tattoos on their body. However, only those who are close the individual with a tattoo will be able to understand the true meaning behind it. A tattoo of skulls may be frightening and dark to an outsider but could represent an emotional battle for the person with the tattoo.

Some individuals decide to get a tattoo simply because they want something cool on their body which is totally okay! Not only can tattoos represent a trial in someone’s life, but they can also be a chance to express an artistic personality. People with creative backgrounds may want to show off their fun side by getting a tattoo of a wacky design or a beautiful drawing.

In the past, tattoos have been labeled as unprofessional in an employment setting. However, this is not true. People get tattoos for various reasons, and they shouldn't be punished for having pride in something they believe in. Many individuals who get tattoos get them in hidden places in fear that they cannot get a job if they have a tattoo. Why should they have to choose between getting a job and expressing themselves? These individuals have made a decision to put a mark on their body that lasts a lifetime, and most have weighed the cost. If these people feel that a mark is important enough to have etched into their skin, then they should not be punished for doing so.

Though mainly criminals had tattoos in previous years, today, people of all backgrounds have adopted the practice. Though individuals should be mindful of what they put onto their body, they should not have to give up their beliefs and creativity to fit the mold of what professional looks like.

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