Random Christmas Traditions

Tis the season to be jolly! As we come closer to one of the craziest holidays of the year, people begin to put up their decorations and start their traditions. Some Christmas traditions may seem weird and unusual. But each one is a unique, fun way to bring some joy and cheer during the holiday season. I hope you enjoy some of these random Christmas traditions.

The Christmas Pickle (German Tradition)

The pickle is the last ornament hung on the tree the night before Christmas. The first child to find the pickle the next morning receives an extra present from Santa and good fortune for the year to come.

Fried Chicken (Japanese Tradition)

During the Christmas season, people in Japan devour fried chicken. They do not eat ham or turkey like most common American families. In order to get a reservation at KFC, the most popular place during Christmas time, one must register a couple months in advance.

The Surprise Guest

Most people know the traditional nativity scene: Mary, Joseph, three Wise Men, angels, barn animals, and of course, Baby Jesus! Something fun to add to the scene is a random toy. Find your favorite figurine or small action figure and add him into the nativity scene. Who says that Chewbacca can’t join the fun? See how long it takes for your family to notice.

Baby Jesus Baked in Bread (Spain and Latin America Tradition)

Rosca de Reyes is a celebration as part of the holiday “El Dia De Los Reyes”. On the day of Rosca de Reyes, bread is baked in the shape of a crown with a small baby Jesus inside. After baking and cooling, the bread is cut up into pieces. Whoever ends up finding baby Jesus in their piece has to make tamales for the family on Feb. 2, the Day of the Candles.  

What Will Happen Next Year?

For this tradition, you will need a jar. On pieces of paper, write down the predictions for yourself or other family members/friends. Place the papers into the jar, seal the lid, and place the jar into a safe place until the next year. The next year, open up the jar around the holiday season, and have someone read the predictions to see how accurate they were.

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