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Grab your tissues, this heartwarming movie is a tear jerker! “Instant Family”, rated 82% on Rotten Tomatoes, took the hearts of many audience members all around the world.

“Instant Family” is a family dramedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne as the main characters. Playing the roles of Pete and Ellie, they decide to open up their home to the foster care system. After weeks of classes learning how to care of children, Pete and Ellie go to what is basically a “pick a kid that you think you can handle” fair. With hopes of taking in one rebellious teenager, their social worker informs them she has two other siblings. Overnight, Pete and Ellie go from having a quite, peaceful home to a chaos filled home of three kids under 16. Facing many challenges throughout their time as foster parents, eventually they get the all clear to adopt their three new kids.

In my opinion, this movie was really, really good. Although there are many good moments, there are some moments that could have improved. Starting with the excessive inappropriate language. I understand in this day and age cussing occurs super frequently but in a movie rated PG-13 the use is WAY too excessive for a movie about family for families. Another thing, in the scenes where Ellie and Pete are taking their parenting classes, it takes up so much of the movie it starts to get repetitive. We get it, they need to go to class but it does not need to take 45 minutes to show it. Overall, this movie did show sincerity and genuine emotion which is why it was so easy to capture the hearts of many.

Luckily for you, “Instant Family” is still in theaters! Grab your family, significant others, or best friends and go see this movie. It is definitely worth watching.

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