Art Teachers Get Ready for Fine Arts Night Showcase

It’s that time of year again! Not quite Christmas, though. It’s the CHS annual Fine Arts Night. This night showcases a plethora of talent through various vocal groups, the band, and a setup of 2 and 3D media. Plus, a waffle buffet!

I sat down and interviewed the school’s two art teachers, Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Stodola, both of which are new to the building. That being said, both agreed that this is the first art show they have curated.

The questions go as followed:

How do you feel about your first art show at CHS?

Stodola: “Not overwhelmed yet. I’m sure I will be eventually. I just take it one day at a time.”

Campbell: “Very proud to see my students work especially with my first year of teaching. Excited to show off my students.”

Do you have a theme or anything for this?

Stodola: “No theme, just a winter theme.”

Campbell: “I guess there isn’t one for this year. I just want to display as much possible.”

Do you have any unsure feelings about this being put on?

Stodola: “The only unsure feelings I have is attendance. We just kinda hope to have support for the art department.”

Campbell: “A little nervous about everything coming together. I feel like we’re running out of time quickly. I want to be right by my students and give them something to be proud of so I’m pressured.”

Do you plan on having the students helping you set up like previous years?

Stodola: “Yes each class will set up their own art.”

Campbell: “Yes, my art outreach will be doing majority of the setup. It’s one of their projects and they will be helping with the waffleman dinner.”

Is there anything else you’d like to announce or say so the students can be informed?

Stodola: “We will be creating ornaments for sell as a fundraiser for the art department. They will be anchor theme and the date stamped on it. And our goal is to make a new one each year so they are collectibles. $10 a piece and 250 in supply.”

Campbell: “Just the christmas ornaments and we’re hoping to make it an annual tradition for the community as a whole. I’m looking forward to this being a collaborative experience with the music department as well.”

That being said, on Dec 10, 5-7 pm, Fine Arts Night will take place in the Cafeteria and the IMC.

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