Students Tell What They're Thankful For

I am thankful for the numerous people in my life who provide support and are always there for me. Whether I am in school, at home, or on the road, I have a strong system of support. At school, there are many different teachers who are always willing and able to provide help when I need it. The personalities of some teachers are very fun and almost always manage to lift my spirits. They are also very caring of students who appear to be having an off day and go out of their way to make sure each student is doing okay.

When I am at home, my family is very loving and communicative. Problems are often shared between members who work to help work through the dilemma and provide comfort. In addition to being supportive, we like to joke around and have fun when the opportunity arises.

Even when my family is not around I have friends who are always willing to stick with me. My friends listen to me and give heartfelt advice when I need it. They know how to get me smiling when I am upset and never turn down the opportunity to jam to some tunes. Between my friends, family, and teachers, I am truly never alone and for that I am grateful.

by Faith Willets


Thanksgiving is the time for being grateful and appreciative for the things you have or are given. The most common answer is family or health, but the Discoverer wanted to know what the student body or staff is thankful for.

As I was checking the responses, I couldn’t help but feel all giddy inside. Maybe it’s just me, but hearing what everyone is thankful for makes me happy.

Sweet or funny, take a look at some of the responses that stood out:

“Pie that I don't like to eat but appreciate the opportunity to not enjoy.”


“Scott Frost.”

“Scholarship money.”

“Having the opportunity to play drums for the high school and being so talented at playing them.”

“I am thankful for my sisters.”

“All the food I am able to eat and fuzzy blankets.”

From the Discoverer, we wish the staff and student body a happy Thanksgiving. May your holiday be filled with safety, health, and lots of food.

My interests include cats, food, procrastination, and bad bios.

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