Behind the Scenes of the Blood Drive

Many students gathered in the auxiliary gym on Thursday, November 12 to donate blood.

Senior Paige Jeffryes and Junior Lexi Jeffryes were the chairmen for this year’s blood drive. Paige explained they had been planning for this blood drive since the beginning of the school year. “You’d be surprised how many things we needed the school’s approval on before anything could happen. Everything from chairs, tables, the temperature of the gym, setting a date for the drive, and making sure that the Red Cross has everything they need for the day.” Paige said.

Throughout the whole day, a total of 72 units of blood were donated 58 units of whole blood and 14 units of power reds were donated to make up these 72 units. Because of all these generous donations our school alone potentially saved 216 lives just in one day!

Thank you to all who donated and help out with the blood drive. This year’s blood drive was a true success.


I am a volleyball manager and participate in CHS 101, NHS, and C-Club. This is my first year in newspaper. I love to travel and spend time with my family and friends. My favorite starbucks order is a venti Iced Caramel Macchiato. I hope everyone has a great school year at CHS!

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