Post Halloween

Halloween is the second most popular holiday. Several people enjoy going all out for it. That means for one glorious month, people are hanging up spooky decor, carving majestic pumpkins and watching terrifying horror movies.

However, all good things must come to an end. Including Halloween. In tread of the Halloween post-mortem, people are preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, there are some people who are really struggling with letting go of spooky times. Here are some things to help you get over this tremendous loss:

  1. 1.  can get Halloween candy on sale almost anywhere!

  2. 2. Pumpkins will still be out since they need time to rot

  3. 3. Most costumes will be cheap, you can start planning next year’s costume (maybe next year you’ll actually try)

  4. 4. It is still acceptable to drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks

  5. 5. You can still get friends together have fall photoshoots

  6. 6. You’re allowed to read and curl up with your pets under dozens of blankets while sipping a warm drink

  7. 7. Binge watching your favorite shows and movies on Netflix is acceptable

  8. 8.  You can make as many pumpkin themed treats as you want

  9. 9. You can look forward to Christmas decorations

  10. 10. You can also look forward to the annual Columbus Downtown Christmas Stroll on Nov. 17

Getting over the fact that Halloween is over can be a lot like getting over a bad breakup but looking the positive side of things can be helpful!

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