Keep Battling, Final Football Article

The Discoverers’ last football game for the 2018 season took place on Oct. 18 on our home turf against Omaha Northwest. Columbus scratched for the win against the Huskies ending the game with the final score of 24-20. This final game was bittersweet, as many tears were shed for and by our seniors, but also many smiles were shown for ending our season with a well-deserved win.

After catching up with Coach Williams, we asked him to share which seniors he has seen the most improvement in. To which he stated, “I will say I have seen the most improvement in Kevin Gomez, Kevin Rocha, and Carter Kucera.  These young men have grown in different ways. Some in maturity, some in physical ability, and some in confidence, but this is one of the most rewarding things about coaching.  Seeing the growth of young men.”

The Discoverers ended the season with an overall record of 3-6.

The Discoverers have had many great moments for praise towards specific players, but Williams shares, “The highlight of the season had to be the win over Fremont and bringing the F and C cup home.  CHS had the cup for a number of years before our last meeting and we lost it. Then had to wait 2 years to have another crack at them. It was a big night for the program.”

Coach Williams wants to leave the seniors with some final words of advice, “My words to all the seniors... You are going to be defeated at times in your life. Every defeat or failure brings you one step closer to success. Keep Battling.”

Williams expectations for next season include, “Expecting to continue to see growth in next years group of kids. We played a lot of youth this year, and we are excited to see that youth develop over the next couple of seasons.”

To prepare for next season Williams shares, “All preparations begin and end in the weight room.  We need to continue to develop athletes that can compete at the Class A level. It is a challenge that all coaches and players understand and have embraced.”

Williams sums up his thoughts for next season by saying, “I am looking forward to being with the players and this staff every day.  It can be a grand at times, but the people in the program are what makes this a special place.”

Thank you seniors for all of your hard work the past four years. Don't forget to wear your maroon proudly, and as always, GO DISCOVERERS!

This is her second year being in newspaper. You may hear her singing the national anthem a lot for school events, and is a part of the Circle of Friends club. Her spirit animal would be a sloth because she’s always sleeping in her free time, and her Starbucks order is a caramel macchiato with extra drizzle.

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