One last run of the season

The Discoverer cross country team worked very hard to reach state. The boys made it to state, and the girls unfortunately did not. However, they gave the competition their best and put forth their best effort.

The boys met their overall goal of making it to state in the top ten. They received sixth place. The following boys made it to state, Douglas Davidchik, Roman Ramirez, Joe McFarland, Abel Leon, Lucas Miller.

The boys competed very well and have grown throughout the season improving their times. The boys were only three points out of fifth place and eight points out of fourth place.

The girls had a great year overall. Even if they did not make it to state, they reached their overall goal, which was to do their best. Coach Smith states, ¨We just drew a really tough district and making it to state was not in the cards for us this year.¨

According to Coach Smith, Sammie Pike, Jenna Warner, and Alex Freshour were the freshmen that improved the most throughout the season. The girls performed greatly overall throughout the year. Coach Smith says, ¨The girls effort was always good. I am proud of their work ethic and performance.¨

I have been part of the Newspaper staff for two years. One interesting thing about me is that I am from Cuba. My favorite t.v. shows are Riverdale, Beauty and the Beast, The Cable Girls, and The Vampire Diaries. I am involved in track and swimming. If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Greece. :)

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