Maturity & Improvement throughout High School

 Entering high school is a different experience from entering elementary school or middle school. Your mindset changes completely. In high school you learn that you grades do matter and some of things that the teachers say do matter.

High school makes you grow up and realizes a lot of different things. The friends you have coming into high school you might not have when you leave. You have to learn how to be mature to make it through.

High school will cause you and some friends to separate. You may not agree on everything or you may not see your friends in the hallways anymore which causes you to be distant but that’s fine. Friendships are not something to stress about. Your grades are what you need to stress about.

  Maturity means a lot when you’re getting through high school. The start of my 9th grade year I was very immature. I did not care about my grades. I did not care to attend class. I did not care about my attitude at all.

As i’ve grown up I have been able to recognize that being immature is not cute and being immature is not going to get me anywhere in life. Being immature will not get you into college or get you a good job. At some point in life everyone has to grow up.

Now as I enter my 11th grade year my grades are looking way better. I now attend all of my classes and my attitude has improved tremendously.

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