'Suspicious packages' sent to Clinton's, Obama, CNN

NEW YORK, Ny. - Secret Service intercepted a 'suspicious package' addressed to the New York home of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton this morning. Secret service says that they were at no risk of receiving this packages, but this is still a very serious matter. According to CNN's Dan Merica, Hillary was in Florida, but Bill was at home the night prior and remains in New York.

 A similar package was sent to the Washington, D.C. office of former President Barack Obama. Secret service has confirmed his safety.

Around mid-morning, another package was delivered to the mailroom at Time Warner Center in New York City, where the headquarters of CNN is located. The building has been evacuated and the bomb squad are working on removing the package addressed to former CIA Directer John Brennan from the building. 

Additionally, The Florida office of Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been evacuated after another suspicious package was mailed there this morning, according to a spokesman for the Sunrise Police Department. Schultz is a former chairwoman for the Democratic National Committee.

The packages addressed to Obama and the Clintons have been identified as 'crude' explosive devices made from a pipe, wires, and black powder. They were immediately identified as potential explosives during routine mail screenings, according to a law enforcement official.

All targeted politicians have been democrats and have been outspoken critics of Donald Trump.

Secret Service has confirmed that they have not intercepted any packages addressed to the White House or Donald Trump, who has been briefed on the situation and is being given constant updates.

House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted, "we cannot tolerate any attempt to terrorize public figures."

I am a senior at Cornell High School.

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