National Cat Day!!

National Cat Day is on Oct. 29. In the United States, only about 30.4% of people own a cat. This is a great excuse to go to your local shelter and give one of the kittens a home. Even if you can’t adopt one, it is still thoughtful to volunteer or donate to local shelters.

National Cat Day helps us realize that not everyone is a dog person. Cats are very easy to maintain; all you have to do is train them to use the litter! They clean themselves and don’t need much exercise. Cats adapt well to home environments, no matter the size.

You can even talk to your cat. They are stereotyped to be quiet, but that is because as the owner, you have to start the “conversation”. Cats learn overtime to respond to you when talked to. Sure you may be talking about completely different things, but it’s the thought that counts.

So go on, spoil your cat in honor of this amazing day! Try making some of these homemade treats, your cat deserves it!

For more information about National Cat Day, click on the link below!

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