When to Schedule a College Visit

Visiting a college campus is the best way to learn about the college. However, there are numerous different variables that play into each college visit. The biggest factor is timing. Whether it is on a weekend or during the week, each individual needs to pick out their ideal time and schedule a visit.

Junior year is a good time to begin touring prospective colleges. Visiting late Aug. to early Sep. is when the fall semester begins for colleges and is a convenient time to take a look around. The spring of junior year, especially during spring break, is also an ideal time to check out the campus and gather information about the school.

Mondays through Thursdays are good days to visit because colleges are typically bustling with life. It is ideal to visit when classes are in session so that you can get a feel of the campus and interact with students and staff. It is important to converse with as many individuals as possible while on a college visit. When talking with students you might want to ask them what they like and dislike about the school. This way you can gather all the information needed and find out what the school is like through the eyes of an enrolled student.

Colleges are not in session during Thanksgiving weekend, winter/spring break, Christmas break, and summer. In addition, colleges don’t meet during exam weeks, and admission offices may not be open to visitors during certain times.

Not only is it important to make college visits, but it is also very beneficial to stay overnight at your college of choice if possible. This will provide a chance to immerse yourself in the life of a college student and experience what your future could feel like. Be sure to check out the dining hall, sports facilities, and library. Also, take a chance to explore the community surrounding the college and find out what it has to offer.

The school’s various forms of media are great sources of information when it comes to finding out about the college. From radio stations and websites to the student newspapers and bulletin boards, there are numerous forms of information waiting to be discovered.  

Click on a link below to view and set up a college visit for the school of your choice:

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South Dakota University

Morningside College

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