Google Honors Hispanic Heritage Month, Roberto Clemente With Google Doodle

One of the many reasons people use Google as their search engine is their constant updating of the logo at the center of the webpage. Most days, depending on what is being celebrated, there will be a different artwork. If you click on it, you will be taken to a google search of the topic depicted in the picture.

On October 12, the Google "doodle," as they are referred to as, will be honoring the late Roberto Clemente. October is Hispanic Heritage Month and Clemente is a big part of Hispanic history in America. Clemente was a Puerto Rican baseball player who made his career in Pittsburgh playing for the Pirates.  Clemente played 18 seasons for the Pirates winning two World Series, a league MVP, and World Series MVP. He also won 12 gold gloves and was a 15 time all-star. Safe to say he had a very successful career as a baseball player, but what people truly love Clemente for, in Pittsburgh and around the whole world, is his humanitarian and charitable efforts.

During the off-season, Clemente would spend his time on his charity work. His work took place mainly in Latin countries and he quickly became a Latin-American hero. Tragically, on December 31, 1972 his flight to Managua, Nicaragua to complete charity work crashed resulting in his death. 

Since his devastating early loss of life, Clemente has been celebrated not only in his home country and in Pittsburgh, where he made a name for himself, but all across the world as a hero during Hispanic Heritage Month.

I am a senior at Cornell High School.

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