Sounds of Excellence

Saturday, Oct. 6, the Discoverer marching band took on Elkhorn at their annual Sounds of Excellence competition. Prelims performance was at 1:15 p.m. The judges were absolutely impressed. This earned the band second place in Class A. They were third overall next to Gretna and Millard South. The band was proud considering their performance at the football game the night before was not their best.

For the final performance, two bands dropped out and the competition was whittled down to five bands. The Discoverers marched onto the field and played their hearts out.

In the end, the Discoverers were rewarded fourth place. Gretna won first place, and everyone congratulated them. The band celebrated their victory, but they hope to do better at their next competition this Saturday, Oct. 13. The competition will take place in Yankton, South Dakota in their annual March to the Meridian competition.

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