CHS Softball Season

Softball is more than just hitting a ball. It is also about the team and how they work together. 

“The season overall has been pretty good. We struggled a little in the beginning to work as a team and communicate, but over time we have gotten better. Myself being new this year, they were very welcoming and it was fun playing with them for my senior year,” says senior Larisa Rother.

Softball players take pride in the game and enjoy being out on the field. Having many games, the players have some moments that they are most proud of. Rother’s proudest moment was at an Elkhorn game. 

“I was pitching against Millard West and I struck out a Division One recruit player and made her pop up,” said Rother.

Another moment a player took pride in was freshman Joselyn Olson. “My proudest moment so far was in Districts when I went out and played in right field,” she says.

Making goals at the beginning of a season is common for every sport, and goals mostly consist of getting better at the sport. Rother had the goal to become a better but in a different way. 

“My goal before the end of the season is to make myself a better player, not just physically, but mentally as well. I will never be done trying to make myself better so this is my goal every year,” said Rother.

This is the conclusion of the softball season. Nice job to all the girls that played!

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