What is Inktober?

Inktober is a internet trend in which artists draw one drawing in pen per day during  the month of October. It can be Halloween based or it can be just anything. Fitting to the current month, the Discoverer is holding an “inktober week.” You can submit one or more of your drawings to be showcased in the next week’s edition.

Behind the month long activity is Jake Parker. You can view his website: here. He also has a website dedicated to prompts, rules, and his previous works (here!).

Most of the time, the artist is to be given a prompt, whether it be just an adjective or even a whole detailed topic. Then the artist puts their imagination to the test and draws whatever comes to mind.

To contact me, look up Lexxus Paczosa in the email search bar and we can work out an interview and I can take your drawing. They will be due by Oct. 23.

My interests include cats, food, procrastination, and bad bios.

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