What is Revolution?

We all want to change the world. Revolution is a group of 44 high schoolers from Scotus Central Catholic, Lakeview High School, and Columbus High School that want to change the world. This group spreads awareness and prevention about teen dating violence and sexual assault. There are two parts to this group: the theater presentation group, and the community outreach group, which is everyone else.

This group has a mandatory summer training where the group learns all about teen dating violence and sexual assault, including statistics. They learn about real situations and how to safely help their peers. Revolution members also have required monthly meetings where they continue to learn about prevention and education. Throughout the year, the group participates in multiple community events in the six counties that the Center for Survivors serves. These events include Columbus Days, Relay for Life, Sammy’s Superheroes Glow Gold, Summer Sizzle, Fall Festival, parades and festivals in all six counties, and Christmas Caroling. Revolution is also available to provide classroom presentations on subjects including bystander intervention, BASER (how to respond and help a friend in need), and healthy dating.

The theatre group goes to different high schools across Nebraska to present their drama. They presented at Columbus High School in March of 2018. The presentation is a short dramatization with three boys and three girls who act out real-life situations dealing with dating violence and sexual assault. After the dramatization, the crowd has a chance to ask the actors questions about why their characters acted the way they did. The Revolution members then come out of character and give education points to the students regarding dating violence, sexual assault and how to help your friends. It is ALWAYS an influential presentation because these things DO happen everywhere. The group is available after presentations for anyone to come talk to concerning dating violence or sexual assault, and it’s amazing how many come forward.

Overall, Revolution is an awesome group of kids that does great things! If you ever need anything, you can always talk to one of them whether it’s about you or you’re worried about a friend. If you would like to join next year and help us change the world, reach out to Abbie Tessendorf or Taylor Amsler at the Center for Survivors at 402-564-2155.

I am on the Diamond Dance team. I also participate in CHS 101, NHS, Student Council, Revolution, and C-club. This is my second year in newspaper. I like warm weather and traveling. My Starbucks order is a grande caramel frappuccino. I love cats and am excited for a great senior year. Go Discoverers!

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