Columbus Marching Festival

On Saturday Sept. 29, the discoverer marching band competed in their first competition of the year at CMF. 

The competition began with a parade with all the schools marching down town. Even though it was damp and cold, people showed up to watch the parade and watch the different bands.

The discoverers went on field at 4:45pm to deliver their show. Some members lamented the there were some  places the band was just not together.

At the end, the South Dakota State University Pride marched onto the field and stole the show. Their exhibition was featured highlights from Green Day and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The crowd really went wild after their performance.

Since the discoverers were hosting this competition, the band did not receive an official rating. However, they did their best and will continue to improve for their next competition this Saturday, Oct. 6. The competition will take place at Elkhorn High School. 

Overall, this year’s CMF was an exciting and interesting time for the participants and spectators alike. 

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