Discoverers work towards state

The discoverer cross country team competed again on Sept. 14, enduring a very hot and windy run at Norfolk. 

As Coach Smith states, ¨considering the conditions, the kids ran well.¨ Of course running on windy days is not very pleasant. However, our discoverers were ready for the challenge. Top finishers were Joe McFarland for the boys and Beatriz Garcia for the girls. Great job discoverers!

Once again the team had to compete in hot weather on Friday, Sept. 18 at Centura Hills. However, the discoverers managed to compete wonderfully despite  the circumstances. During this meet, top finishers were Joe McFarland and Beatriz Garcia.

On Friday, Sept. 28, there was a home meet at the Lutjelusche course just North of town. Before the meet, Coach Smith said, ¨Today we run our meet, and the kids have worked hard to this point. This will be a very competitive meet with some of the best runners in the state running today.¨ 

These runners are very close to state, and they are working hard to get there and meet their goals. This meet was different from the others. As fall begins to approach us, the team had to run in cold weather. They had to adjust to the weather accordingly.

¨We have a lot of really good volunteers that work the meet and it ran smoothly,¨ said Licari. 

The discoverer team ran outstandingly, with the fastests times of the season. The top finisher for the girls was Gracie Luebbe with a time of 22:17. The top finisher for the boys was Douglas Davidchik with a time of 17:08. Great job guys!

I have been part of the Newspaper staff for two years. One interesting thing about me is that I am from Cuba. My favorite t.v. shows are Riverdale, Beauty and the Beast, The Cable Girls, and The Vampire Diaries. I am involved in track and swimming. If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Greece. :)

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