CHS Homecoming 2018

Columbus High students tore up the dancefloor Sept. 24 for the annual homecoming dance. It was a fun-filled night based on the famous board game Candyland. Thank you cheerleaders for all your hard work on decorations! Many couples and friend groups were present at the dance two weekends ago. 

Freshman, Erin Smith, picture one in the gallery, said “I thought the theme was really cute! Being with friends and having fun was great too!” The gym was filled with colorful balloons, paper plate lollipops, lights and a paper walkway resembling the board game leading into the gym. All around responses about the DJ stated that the music definitely could have improved.

Sophomores Jaleigh Adams and her date, Garrett Esch, picture two in the gallery, both agreed that they wished more current songs were played that everyone knew the words to. Esch unfortunately said in his opinion “There wasn't really a best part because the music ruined it.” 

Although the music was not ideal according to some students, Junior, Abbi Beltran, picture three in the gallery, said “My favorite song was when they played "Get Low" by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz.” Overall it was a fun and safe night for all students!

The Friday night before homecoming we watched the wonderful homecoming court candidates walk across the football field at Memorial Stadium after the game. Every senior was so deserving of the title, but there could only be one girl and one boy crowned. 

Through votes sent in by the student body at CHS, Aspen Luebbe and Jayden Boesch were crowned king and queen by past royalty Sydney Mickey and Said Mendez. 

“I did not expect to win. I was very excited to be on court along with the other girls and guys because they are all great. Winning homecoming queen was the icing on the cake!” said newly crowned queen Aspen Luebbe. She also said,  “At first I was super nervous to walk just because I wasn't sure if my heels and the turf field would mix, but then I was relieved that it wasn't hard to walk especially having my partner to walk with. I was way more excited than anything else!” 

When asked what his initial reaction to winning was, king Jayden Boesch said “Oh great, now I’m going to have to smile for a lot of pictures.” He also said that in the days leading up to Friday, “I was just kind of going with the flow. If people said they were going to vote for me, I said that’s great, I appreciate that, I need your vote, but I didn’t actually campaign.” Congrats to all the candidates and new royalty Aspen and Jayden on your accomplishments!

I have been in newspaper for the past two years. I am also in National Honor Society, Circle of Friends, Future Business Leaders of America, and I am one of the managers for the volleyball team. I Iove everything fall from fuzzy socks to Pumpkin Spice Lattes. My top two bucket list items are to travel to all the top tourist attractions around the world, and I would also love to skydive sometime in my life!

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