Anime Review: Cells on Work

The anime "Cells on Work" is about the working lives of the cells in the whole human body. It sounded good when I heard about it and  when I watched the first episode, I wasn’t disappointed. It was educational and entertaining, and the visual depiction of how the body fights bacteria certainly made it much easier to learn about the cells. Additionally  the hard medical terms that were mentioned encouraged me to research more information online, so it added to the information I already know.

This anime was actually was not boring either. It was actually fun to watch it because it gave a whole different style of telling about cells. It wasn't the usual way you see a cell on science videos. This one was interesting.

Despite only being a humanoid version of our cells, they were well-designed and unique. This brought the story to life for me.  I thought all the Red Blood Cells would look alike and have the same personalities, as with the other cells, but they were all actually different.  

I would give this anime a 10/10 because of the art, 10/10 for the style, and 10/10 for the story.

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