Nike Launches Colin Kaepernick Ad Campaign to Widespread Backlash

Nike landed the most popular football player in the world right now who is notably not playing football. Colin Kaepernick is famously out of a job in the NFL after major backlash to his choice of kneeling during the national anthem in an effort to bring awareness to racial injustice in the United States of America. Many people thought it was disrespectful to the country, while others full-heartedly supported him. Two years removed from his first time kneeling, after many people followed in his footsteps and carried on his work, he has been unable to find a job in football. There have been investigations into whether or not there is wrongdoing by teams who are "blackballing" him because of his loud political stance. 

For Nike's 30th anniversary campaign of ads, they have chosen Kaepernick to be the face. There are rumors that they have been paying him for a long time and have been waiting for the right time to release it, to the dismay of the many who disagree with Kaepernick. People all over the internet have been showing their displeasure by posting videos and pictures of them defaming Nike products. Others have decided to boycott the company entirely.

If Nike has been planning this for a while, they must have put a lot of thought to what the reaction would be, and must be prepared to handle the situation. For the most part, it may turn out to be a huge success for Nike, who does not need much help to spread their name.The company doesn't have a lot to lose, and therefore has no concerns about the ramifications of taking a political stance at such a pivotal time in the country.

I am a senior at Cornell High School.

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