Parenting License: A new concept

People go through years of papers and lots of money to adopt a child. They have to go through meetings and stress. So why should the average person, who has no idea what they're doing, be able to have a child? People go through training to get a driver's license, get a fishing license, or be able to give CPR. They need a background check to get certain jobs and own a gun, but they can bring a person into the world without any training at all?


Children will always be the future generation and if a parent is unstable, the child might be unstable. People should have to go through background checks, classes, evaluations and have to earn a licence to have a child. This could lower the amount of abused children, children who go into foster care, and the amount of children who are neglected.

Not all, but many criminals were neglected or abused as children. When a child is abused he or she becomes physiologically damaged, it is unavoidable. However, if the parents were evaluated beforehand, it could prevent these harmful situations from happening.

Becoming a parent means you are in charge of a life that you must obtain. You have to take care of children physically and mentally. Taking care of a child is not easy and never will be, but it might be easier if people are trained and are stable before they bring a life into the world.

Another reason people should get evaluated before having children are the many possible risk factors. A lot of diseases and issues are genetic. Healthier parents lead to healthier children, promoting the world’s overall health in the process. Something as drastic and life altering as having a child should be taken seriously. It may sound like a cruel concept or might feel like an invasion of personal rights, but stricter rules are necessary when it is for a cause as vital as our children. There should be requirements and precautions taken in order to bring life into the world. If a person really wants to have a child, going through the proper steps should not be a problem, right?

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