Syd Barrett

By Christina Robatin

Syd Barrett is responsible for founding and creating Pink Floyd. There was way more to Syd’s life than a drug induced coma as many people believe. If people even recognize his name they would think of him as the reject of his own band. Syd had many faults to himself, adding fame and fortune to his speculated schizophrenia or bipolar disorder did not help one bit. Syd was a heavy drug user, many speculate that his heavy drug use contributed to his mental breakdown. David Gilmour stated “ in my opinion Syd’s mental breakdown would have happened anyways.” Indicating that drugs were not the only issue in Syd’s life.

The band got to the point were they could not perform correctly and give their audience a show to remember and cherish. Roger Walter and the rest of the band had a hard time with the departure of Syd Barrett considering he was with them since the beginning and came up with Pink Floyd. It's not completely clear if Syd left Pink Floyd or he was replaced and kicked out. Whatever the circumstances of Syds departure from Pink Floyd he didn't show much emotion towards press about the subject. Always making it very unclear for the interviewer and reader/listener to understand the full concept of how his beautiful mash of sounds and words would no longer be apart of Pink Floyd’s legendary albums.  It was heartbreaking for the band but also a relief from wondering if Syd would show up to their next concert, or show up in a ladies dress and parade up and down the streets. Syd's replacement was David Gilmour, he and Syd had been friends since teen years. He states he had seen a change in the once giddy lifelong friend that Syd was. Before Syd was replaced he had been taking prodigious amounts of acid and when he was found, the sparkle in his eye had been gone for good.

He had not seen his band mates after the departure from Pink Floyd accept for David Gilmour. He had helped Syd with 2 of his solo albums in 1970 “Octopus” and the “ The Madcaps Laughs”. Syd had lived the rest of his life in a 2 bedroom apartment with his sister Rosemary. David would contact Rosemary every once in awhile to check up on Syd. Barrett died on July, 7 2006 after suffering from diabetes for several years. Syd passed away at home in Cambridge his cause of death was pancreatic cancer, the profession listed on his death certificate was a retired musician. He will stay a rock legend till the end of time. Syd Barrett's story and music will live on one hundred times Syd’s lifespan.

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